Japan Gramophone Museum in Okayama

the director of a museum Kosuke OtaWelcome Curator's Message from the curator

It has been long since I toyed with the old gramophone at my home when I was around 10 years old.  I still remember how furious my father was at finding that it soon turned out to be broken.  Now that a collection of antique record player has became as large as 120 gramophones with 2,500 records with various genres from classic to jazz, I am pleased to share the joy of gramophone with visitors.  The wide variety of gramophones includes the 150-year-old one made by Edison, others by Victor, EMG and more.  In addition, the Gramophone museum adjoins the Oota Folklore Museum which exhibits Buddha statues, traditional Japanese articles of everyday use such as a variety of farming implements and old motor vehicles, and a traditional Japanese room with a fireplace.  Please enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the museum.

the director of a museum Kosuke Ota

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